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Galactus (Update Design)
Re-worked Galactus's design for my Alternate Marvel Universe in order to get it looking as close to the actual comic design while maintaining some original elements.

Galactus in this alternate Marvel Universe is still one of the most powerful cosmic level beings as well as one of the most feared due to his need to devour the life essence of entire worlds to survive.

He is an entity composed entirely of primal cosmic energy and his armor, which contains and regulates his energy form is the only thing that gives him any resemblance of a humanoid form which allows him to manipulate the various energy conversion devices he employs during his planet devouring activities. He uses telepathy to communicate with other beings if & when he deems it necessary to communicate with them at all.

Galactus employs four elemental heralds each imbued with a portion of the primal cosmic energy that makes up Galactus’s being to scout out worlds for him to devour. All the heralds converge on their master when a chosen planet is to be devoured to ensure that no interference occurs to interrupt Galactus sating his hunger, especially from any worlds with advanced civilizations that have technology to offer up any signs of resistance/interference to Galactus's feeding activities.

Galactus is defeated and sent into retreat from Earth in the same way as the original Fantastic Four storyline that he first appeared in which also leads to herald Norrin Radd/Silver Surfer being dismissed from Galactus’s service and exile to Earth (which only lasted for a relatively short period of time in this alternate Marvel Universe before Reed Richards was eventually able to deduce how Galactus confined the Surfer to Earth).

Galactus and his remaining heralds (as well as the replacement he eventually finds for Norrin Radd) have had encounters with other heroes connected to Earth besides the Fantastic Four primarily Thor, Adam Warlock, the Heirs of Mar-Vell and the man called Nova. 
Malcolm “Mal” Duncan in this Elseworld Universe was one of the various homeless teens abducted by the H.I.V.E. and used as a test subject in their scheme to create meta-human operatives that lead to the formation of the Teen Titans in this alternate universe.  

H.I.V.E. in an attempt to recreate an ultra enhanced version of the Black Canary’s sonic abilities used Mal as their subject for this particular enhancement. His lungs and vocal cords were replaced with cybernetic enhancements along with a synthesized voice box which allow him to create unusually strong hyper-sonic blast waves as well as open dimensional portals, wormholes, and vortexes with his voice.

After he and the various teens and scientists that were abducted by the H.I.V.E. during their meta-human operative objective are rescued and released by the group of teens heroes who would become known as the Teen Titans, Mal along with several other teens who had been given some form of meta-human abilities were taken to S.T.A.R. Labs in order to learn to have some mastery over the abilities they had gained.  Once he gained an expert level of control over his hyper-sonic vocal abilities, Mal decided he would use his powers to oppose the  H.I.V.E. as well as other criminal organizations and threats that endanger the lives of others under the alias of Vox.

Vox has gone on to be quite successful in his ventures against the H.I.V.E. resulting in his becoming an affiliate of the Teen Titans due to their ongoing conflict with the H.I.V.E.   Vox is currently romantically involved with fellow Teen Titans affiliate, Bumblebee.
In this Elseworld Universe Karen Beecher is the daughter of two prominent scientists in the field of meta-human biology and research as well as being a promising young research engineer in the field of cybernetics in her own right.

Karen’s parents were among the various meta-human research scientists who were abducted by the H.I.V.E. during their attempt to create a meta-human army using groups of homeless teens. Her parents were eventually found and rescued, along with the other other scientist and abducted teens by a group of young hero proteges to established heroes who became the team now known as the Teen Titans.

Inspired by the efforts of the Teen Titans and her own feelings of not being able to protect her parents, Karen uses her cybernetic knowledge and skills to create a hi-tech battle suit.   As a thumb in the eye to the H.I.V.E. she patterns the battle suits designs and weapons on a bee and dubs herself “Bubblebee”. Bubblebee’s suit increases her strength, speed, stamina, endurance, agility, reflexes as well as acts as body armor.  It also possesses specialized retractable wings that allow her to fly and the ability to produce strong hyper-sonic blasts when modulated to vibrate at a specialized frequency.  Bubblebee also utilizes specialized taser weapons that generate painful electric blasts that she calls her “bee stings”.

Karen since adopting her Bubblebee identity has gone on to disrupt various activities and schemes of the H.I.V.E. which have lead to her becoming a Teen Titans affiliate as well as a target for the vengeance of the H.I.V.E.  Karen’s affiliation with the Teen Titans has also lead to her meeting and becoming romantically involved with another Titan’s affiliate, Mal Duncan aka Vox, who has gained hypersonic abilities due to being one of the former homeless teens that the H.I.V.E. abducted in their plot to create meta-human operatives for their own ends and now fights against the H.I.V.E. as she does.

The woman known as Titania remains much the same in this Alternate Marvel Universe as she does in normal comics continuity but with a change in her abilities origin.

Mary MacPherran was once a scrawny and short statured woman who grew to become a resentful and bitter person due to consistent bullying since childhood due to her small size and slight frame. She harbored fantasies of about gaining super abilities in order to become admired as well as exact retribution on her tormentors both past and present.

MacPherran’s fantasies would eventually be realised due to her unwittingly working for criminal scientist Jonas Harrow cleaning the medical supply office that served as the legitimate front to his various clandestine superhuman related experiments. Due to MacPherran’s absent minded habit to grouse vocally about her lot in life at times during her cleaning duties, Harrow plays upon her resentful nature and offers her the chance to become a test subject for his latest experimental superhuman strength enhancement process. MacPherran accepts Harrows offer and undergoes the enhancement process emerging far more taller, muscular, and buxom than she had been. The process also of course enhances her physical strength, stamina and resistance to physical injury to superhuman levels. With her physical changes also comes a personality change with Macpherran now becoming brash and overly confident compared to her former timid and nervous demeanor.

Now calling herself “Titania”, Macpherran soon goes on a mini spree of mayhem and bullying throughout the city until she is confronted by Spider Woman (prior to her west coast relocation) and is quick humble by the her due to her overconfidence in her new superhuman abilities. Titania was sent to the superhuman prison known as the Vault after this defeat but did not spent much time there as she was quickly broken out of the prison due by way of a crafty plan devised and orchestrated by the Wizard.

After Medusa regains her memories and leaves the ranks of the Frightful Four, the Wizard sought out the inexperienced Titania in order to offer her the vacant slot in the Frightful Four offering her the benefits of working with a group, especially one that has thus far been able to remain un-incarcerated as the Frightful Four have been. Titania accepts the Wizard’s offer and now serves as the resident physical powerhouse within the Frightful Four.

Psycho Man
In this Alternate Marvel Universe the sub atomic extraterrestrial remains much the same as in normal comics continuity.

In this alternate universe he is Revka Scyros the former Chief Scientist of Traan, the capital world of the technocracy governing the five planets of the Sub-Atomica system within the Microverse, until he eventually turns his scientific skills in knowledge to the path of dictator through the use of devices of his own making called the Control Spires which allows him to manipulate the negative emotions of other beings thus placing them under his control. Scyros used his Control Spires to take over rule of Traan and with control of Traan basically came the rule over the other four worlds of the Sub-Atomica system. Scyros’ control of the Sub-Atomica system last for a two decades Earth time span until natives of Mirwood, one of the five Sub-Atomica planets, discover that rare minerals from their Mines of Nuvidia served to counter the effects of Scyros emotion control, allowing for a resistance movement to take root across the five planets and eventually over throw Scyros’ rule.

Exiled from the Microverse, Scyros finds his way to Earth where after a cursory scout of the planet come to believe the world to have no defense against his technological skills and devices, plot to conqueror the planet. Scyros, who remains microscopic in size, is able to create a suit of advanced human-sized armor to allow him to function as a normal human. He then create a portable device called the Control Box that is capable of influencing people's negative emotions, allowing him to enslave a number of human subjects to help construct new versions of his Control Spires in order to subjugate the world. His activities however eventually bring him into conflict with the Fantastic Four, where he gains his current designation of the Psycho Man.

The Psycho Man has continued to be a foe to the Fantastic Four in his continuing plans to try to gain control of Earth as well as return to the Microverse to re-gain control of the Sub-Atomica system as well.


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