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Green Lantern I :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 4 0 Kilowog (Tweaked Design) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 4 0 Katma Tui (Tweaked Design) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 3 0 Green Lantern II (Tweaked Update Design 2) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 2 0 Grayven :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 3 2 Lei Kung :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 4 0 Master Khan :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 4 0 Arkillo :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 3 0 Shang Chi :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 6 0 Evil Star :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 2 0 Omega Manhunter :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 4 0 Atrocitus :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 4 2 Amon Sur (Update Design) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 4 0 Star Sapphire II (Update Design 2) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 3 0 Rage Warrior (Update Design) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 3 0 Green Lantern II (Update Design 2) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 4 0


MARVELOUS SCARLET SPIDER :iconsuperaustin15:superaustin15 15 0 SPIDER-MAN OF EARTH-6565 :iconsuperaustin15:superaustin15 13 9 LONGBOW- Modern Costume :iconpayno0:payno0 30 2 Superman Reborn :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 209 15 Task Force Gaea :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 113 6 Saturn Girl :icondeordicthewide:DeordicTheWide 2 0 Power Girl - Alternate Design :icondeordicthewide:DeordicTheWide 6 0 Super Sons :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 418 18 MARVELOUS SPIDER-MAN SPIDER ARMOR 2.0 :iconsuperaustin15:superaustin15 11 14 Luke Skywalker - A New Hope :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 188 8 Eros the Wonder Boy :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 155 12 The Amazing Spider-Man :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 290 5 Unstoppable Wasp :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 240 8 AquaLad /AquaMan redesign :icontoks-s:Toks-S 231 16 Character Design: Roth Lorick :icontoks-s:Toks-S 115 4 Dialled to Eleven :iconcorey-smith:Corey-Smith 638 25


Green Lantern I
In this Elseworld Universe, Hal Jordan’s origin and history as the original “Green Lantern” remains more or less the same. He was the first Earth born human to ever be inducted into the ranks of the Galactic Guardsman Corps and would go on to become one of its most respected and revered members.

When the dying alien named Abin Sur, a member and the Guardsman Prime of the Galactic Guardsmen Corps, crash lands in a star ship in the California desert he uses his Guardsmen Power Core Badge to select a replacement officer for his position. The badge locates and selects nearby test pilot Hal Jordan, who is flying near the crash site, due to his abilities to overcome great fear and think/react within the moment. The Power Core Badge and its abilities are explained to Jordan, as well as his role as a Galactic Guardsmen, to serve and protect all life in Space Sector 2814 the galactic sector of which Earth resides. He also would quickly learn about the other Galactic Guardsmen across the universe, all monitored and empowered by near immortal beings known as the Guardians of the Universe, with the arrival of a powerful Weaponer of Qward to Earth.

The Weaponer, a resident of the anti-matter world known as Qward who all carry  hatred towards the Guardians and all members of the Galactic Guardsmen Corps, was responsible for attacking and mortally wounding Abin Sur, resulting is his crash landing on Earth.  The Weaponer now sought to finish off Abin Sur and recover his Power Core Badge for study and use by the Weaponers of Qward for their own military conquest agenda.  The Weaponer is able to track down the residual energy of the Power Core Badge to Hal Jordan forcing him to active the Badge and it’s protective armor to engage the Weaponer.  It is during this battle with the Weaponer that Hal Jordan gains the name of “Green Lantern” given to him by the media and general populace due to the lantern like insignia of the Galactic Guardsmen Corps on his Power Core Badge and the glowing emerald energy generated by his Guardsmen armor while engaged in battle.  Despite being his first time employing his Guardsmen armor abilities, Jordan is able to defeat the Weaponer proving that he is indeed a suitable replacement to Abin Sur.  

Soon after his battle with the Weaponer, Hal Jordan would be formally introduced to the Guardians of the Universe and the Galactic Guardsmen Corp when Senior Guardsmen Kilowog  and then rookie Guardsmen To-Mar-Re were dispatched to Earth to learn the fate of Guardsman Prime Abin Sur after the Guardians learn of his encounter with the Weaponer.  Jordan is then taken to the Galactic Guardsmen Corp home base of operations on the planet Oa in order to formally brief the Guardians and be evaluated on whether or not he should remain as the new Guardsmen of Space Sector 2814.  

After being permitted to retain his position as a Galactic Guardsman, Hal Jordan is assigned to receive field training under the instruction of Thaal Sinestro, Guardsman of Space Sector 1417 and the most revered Galactic Guardsmen at the time.  Under his time training with Sinestro, Jordan begins to realize that his mentor is a totalitarian dedicated to pushing his vision of order and control onto the universe, so much so that Sinestro had already used his Guardsmen status and abilities to force his own rule upon his home planet of Kourgar.   During an attempted invasion of Korugar by the alien warlords known as the Khunds,  Jordan called for help from the Galactic Guardsmen Corps, resulting in Sinestro's dictatorship of the planet being exposed as well as his being dishonorably discharged from the Guardsmen Corps.  Sinestro was exiled to the antimatter world of Qward for punishment for his crimes. However through their mutual hatred of the Guardians, Sinestro formed an alliance with the Weaponers who offered to help Sinestro gain revenge on the Guardians and the Corps.  So began Sinestro’s long standing acts of hostilities towards the Guardians and the Corps as he sought to eliminate them in order to enforce his vision of universal control and order, with Hal Jordan often taking point in these confrontations due to the role he played in Sinestro’s downfall.

 Hal Jordan would go on to patrol Space Sector 2814 and take part in many missions with the fellow Galactic Guardsmen, helping to establish the respected reputation he would be known for.  As the Green Lantern he also established a reputation as a well regarded metahuman champion on Earth battling various metahuman threats and criminal organizations.  He also maintained his job as a top test pilot working at Ferris Aircraft, where he had a long and sometimes rocky relationship with Carol Ferris, daughter of Ferris Aircraft owner Carl Ferris.  In this Elseworld Universe, Hal Jordan befriended and entrusted many of the details regarding his secret life as the Green Lantern to a skilled young black aviation mechanic employed at Ferris Aircraft named Alvin Stewart.

Many of the rocky patches in the relationship between Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris were caused by Hal’s numerous mysterious absences due to his activities as the Green Lantern, until Hal finally revealed his dual identity to Carol. Carol also for a time unwilling became the stellar-energy gem empowered original Star Sapphire, an agent and living embodiment of the war goddess of the Zamarons, an all female conqueror race and nemesis to the Guardians of the Universe. Carol was chosen to be bonded to a sentient gem stone which housed the essence of the Zamaron war goddess (actually the first Zamaron war queen of the race) because of a unique genetic factor in her DNA allowing the Zamaron essence within the gem stone to literally take possession of her mind and body, bestowing upon her great powers of energy manipulation, flight and speed.

Once a way was found to free Carol from the Zamarons influence of the power gem that transformed her into Star Sapphire, she and Hal were married, and they lived as normal a life as possible due to Hal’s duties as Green Lantern.

Two years into their marriage Carol gave birth to their only child, Jennifer. Ten years after the birth of Jennifer, the Jordan family’s lives took a tragic and dark turn when the Zamarons came to Earth and kidnapped and brainwashed Carol, transforming her once again into Star Sapphire. But this time her abilities were amplified and deadlier to aid the Zamaron in a bid to destroy the Guardians. Hal, as Green Lantern was forced to confront Carol and was left with no option but to mortally injure his wife in order to stop the lethal reign of destruction she was set upon. Blaming himself for the loss of his love, Jordan for a time immersed himself fully in his Green Lantern identity and duties as a Guardsmen to mask his pain and ensure the Zamarons future plans of conquest never reached fruition.  It was during this time period that Hal Jordan was elevated to the rank of Guardsman Prime, the commander of the entire Galactic Guardsmen Corps.  It was also a time period that Hal Jordan became estranged from his daughter and his life on Earth until the Zamarons were seemingly permanently defeated, thus finally assuaging his guilt over his wife’s death.  

Hal Jordan's distinguished career as a Galactic Guardsmen would come to an end in what would turn out to be the final conflict with Sinestro in the long standing conflict between him and the Guardian/Galactic Guardsmen Corps. Sinestro had gained control and leadership over the original android enforcers used by the Guardians of the Universe, known as the Manhunters and had transformed them into his personal “Anti-Guardsmen Corps” army seeking to wipe out the Guardians and the Guardsmen Corps once and for all, following which he and the Manhunters would finally proceed with undertaking Sinestro’s life long quest to enforce his vision of control over the universe.  After a long fought battle which saw heavy losses on both sides of the opposing armies, Sinestro and the Manhunters were defeated.  Sinestro however attempts a last ditch suicide gambit to destroy the Guardians and the Corps by overloading his Qwardian created anti-matter Power Armor and the power cores of the Manhunters in order to kill the surviving Guardians and Guardsmen Corp members.  Hal Jordan sacrifices himself by using the full limits of his Power Core abilities to create an all encompassing energy shield to contain the initiated anti-matter explosion resulting in his death along with that of Sinestro and the remaining Manhunter forces.

Hal Jordan’s heroic legacy as the Green Lantern on Earth and Galactic Guardsmen of Space Sector 2814 is currently being continued by John Stewart, son of his long time friend, Alvin and his hand picked successor in the ranks of the Galactic Guardsmen Corps.
Kilowog (Tweaked Design)
Re-worked his head & face and added personalized "Lantern" insignia.

Kilowog remains much the same in this Elseworld Universe as he does in regular continuity. He is the resident Corps Drill Instructor responsible for the training of new Guardsmen recruits as well as one of the most highly regarded Guardsmen of the Corps.

John Stewart underwent formal training with Kilowog after his initial adventure with the Guardsmen Corp against Sinestro, where Kilowog quickly took a liking to Stewart due to his prior military background and training which made Stewart's training a far easier task for Kilowog.

Kilowog was Hal Jordan's best friend and one of his trusted go to Corpsman within the Corps during his time as a Guardsman and as the Guardsman Prime.
Katma Tui (Tweaked Design)
Did some very minor tweaking of her design.  As with John Stewart, Katma has a personalized "Lantern" insignia.

She is the Galactic Guardsman of Sector 1417 who hails from the planet Korugar the home planet of the renegade former Guardsman Thal Sinestro, who had used his Galactic Guardsman powers and status to enslave his planet and rule over them as a tyrant, unbeknownst to the Guardians.

Tui played a part in leading the rebellion against Sinestro, which brought to light his crimes to the Guardians and even testified against Sinestro resulting in his being stripped of his Galactic Guardsman rank and badge.   Galactic Guardsman Tomar-Re nominates Tui to replace Sinestro Galactic Guardsman of Sector 1417, and Tui accepts. She quickly establishes herself as an exemplary Guardsman on various patrol missions within her sector and crises that required the full attention of the Galactic Guardsmen Corp.   Despite a seemingly youthful appearance, Katma Tui is one of the more senior members of the Galactic Guardsmen Corps.

 Katma was one of the Corps members to befriend Stewart when he initially became part of the Galactic Guardsmen Corps. She frequently partners herself with Stewart when Corps members gather to confront a large scale threat. There is a mutual attraction between she and Stewart that may be building into a possible relationship
Green Lantern II (Tweaked Update Design 2)
Minor tweak to the design primarily with the "Lantern" insignia as all the Lanterns will have personalized insignias to match their personalized armor manifested based on their personalities.  Also added an energy glow around his hand to hint at his "Lantern Power" manifestation.
Reworked Grayven design for my Elseworld Universe.

Grayven is the very powerful and alleged illegitimate son of the tyrannical New God Darkseid, who is dedicated to conquest and destruction in his own right to prove that he should be the one true heir and eventual destroyer of Darkseid.  

He joins the Dark Guard ranks when approached by the Harbingers as he sees them as a means to achieving his goals. Although he seems to be a highly effective Dark Guard member in line with the Harbingers’ agenda, he actually has plans to usurp control and leadership of the Dark Guard in order to use them as his own personal vanguard in his quest to overthrow Darkseid once their ranks have been filled with enough powerful beings that he believes he can command.

Besides a stone like appearance that is similar to Darkseid’s and the abilities he has due to his entropic dark light energy armor, Grayven possesses the enhanced metahuman  level physical abilities as the inhabitants of the planets New Genesis and Apokolips, as well as the seeming “god power” to generate and release a unique form of energy that has combined properties of Darkseid’s Omega Force and Orion’s Astro Force.  


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