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Snowbird (Update Design) by Eye-of-Ra-X Snowbird (Update Design) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 0 0 Shaman (Update Design) by Eye-of-Ra-X Shaman (Update Design) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 0 0 Northstar and Aurora (Update Design) by Eye-of-Ra-X Northstar and Aurora (Update Design) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 4 0 Hela (Update Design 2) by Eye-of-Ra-X Hela (Update Design 2) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 4 0 Whitney Frost/Madame Masque (Update Design) by Eye-of-Ra-X Whitney Frost/Madame Masque (Update Design) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 2 0 Marvel Girl II by Eye-of-Ra-X Marvel Girl II :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 7 0 Doctor Marvel by Eye-of-Ra-X Doctor Marvel :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 4 0 Urza and Non by Eye-of-Ra-X Urza and Non :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 5 0 Ghost Racer by Eye-of-Ra-X Ghost Racer :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 7 0 Zarathos by Eye-of-Ra-X Zarathos :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 5 0 Ghost Rider II (Update Design) by Eye-of-Ra-X Ghost Rider II (Update Design) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 8 2 Yellowjacket (Update Design) by Eye-of-Ra-X Yellowjacket (Update Design) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 5 0 Armor (X-Men Graduate Design 2) by Eye-of-Ra-X Armor (X-Men Graduate Design 2) :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 4 0 Morlocks by Eye-of-Ra-X Morlocks :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 3 0 Callisto by Eye-of-Ra-X Callisto :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 2 0 Longshot by Eye-of-Ra-X Longshot :iconeye-of-ra-x:Eye-of-Ra-X 5 0


Row Kiss by Mangakiss Row Kiss :iconmangakiss:Mangakiss 258 355 Sci-Fi Blue Jay by payno0 Sci-Fi Blue Jay :iconpayno0:payno0 33 4 Justice League - Nubia Redesign Portrait by Femmes-Fatales Justice League - Nubia Redesign Portrait :iconfemmes-fatales:Femmes-Fatales 84 31 Impromptu Troy by micQuestion Impromptu Troy :iconmicquestion:micQuestion 99 12 Thunder Force Alpha- Anthology Cover by payno0 Thunder Force Alpha- Anthology Cover :iconpayno0:payno0 48 18 Blue Beetle Commission by LucianoVecchio Blue Beetle Commission :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 147 4 Ultimate Dark Trinity by kylemeunier Ultimate Dark Trinity :iconkylemeunier:kylemeunier 7 2 Vixen Commission by LucianoVecchio Vixen Commission :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 325 14 Scarlet Shadow by SpideyViewer Scarlet Shadow :iconspideyviewer:SpideyViewer 5 0 Web Warriors Spider-Man Black Suit by SpideyViewer Web Warriors Spider-Man Black Suit :iconspideyviewer:SpideyViewer 7 2 Titans by Glee-chan Titans :iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 719 64 Teen Titans: Rebirth by Glee-chan Teen Titans: Rebirth :iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 460 52 Spider-Man Homecoming by LucianoVecchio Spider-Man Homecoming :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 484 15 Spiderman Redesigned by sean-izaakse Spiderman Redesigned :iconsean-izaakse:sean-izaakse 1,500 420 Black Superheroines by LucianoVecchio Black Superheroines :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 429 21 Cammo Aquaman Commission by LucianoVecchio Cammo Aquaman Commission :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 186 10


Snowbird (Update Design)
Reworked design of Snowbird for my Alternate Marvel Universe.

The Inuit demi goddess called Narya's back story and history remain much the same in this alternate Marvel Universe.  Conceived by the Inuit goddess Nelvana who mated with a mortal male, she is the Inuit Gods agent on the mortal plane in their war with their eternal enemies the demonic “Great Beasts” since both races of mystic beings cannot act or exist on our mortal plane without some type of mortal aid or influence.

Narya looks upon Michael Twoyoungmen aka Shaman as a foster father since he helped to act as mystic mid wife in birthing her into the mortal plane as well being her primary influence to teach her about both her mortal and goddess backgrounds.  

As Snowbird, Narya uses her mystic transmorphic abilities to assume the shape & natural abilities of any animal native to the Great North. Narya as a demigoddess in her default human form possesses paranormal strength, speed and agility as well as the ability to sense and see mystic energies and entities hidden from normal eyes.  
Shaman (Update Design)
Totally reworked design of Shaman for my Alternate Marvel Universe.

Doctor Michael Twoyoungmen's backstory and early history remains much the same in this alternate Marvel Universe.

His magic in this alternate universe however is elemental and nature based. He is also versed in a limited number of very powerful specialized magic incantations due to his ties to the mystic Inuit Gods of the North.  It is through his ties to the Inuit Gods that he acted as mystic midwife and foster father to the demigoddess transmorph called Narya aka Snowbird.  

Shaman acts as both Alpha Flight’s resident mystical and medical expert.
Northstar and Aurora (Update Design)
Did some minor tweaking to the designs of Alpha Flight's mutant twins.

The Beaubier Twins, Jean-Paul & Jeanne-Marie, have an altered history and abilities in this alternate Marvel Universe. The two are still mutants but are the children of wealthy Canadian parents. They both as adults have become very prominent and successful individuals themselves outside of Alpha Flight with Jean Paul in this alternate Marvel a popular Canadian TV and film star and Jeanne Marie a successful print and pin up centerfold model.

In this alternate universe their bodies generate a unique bio kinetic energy that grants them accelerated mobility and speed as well as flight. When they use their powers their bodies are surrounded by a halo of kinetic light energy making them appear as streaks of light when moving at accelerated speed. They both are also able to generate powerful light pulse blasts as well as still generating a very powerful light burst when they come into physical contact and combine their kinetic light generation energies.

Whitney Frost/Madame Masque (Update Design)
Totally reworked designs of Whitney Frost/Madame Masque for my Alternate Marvel Universe.

In this Alternate Marvel Universe, Giuletta Nefaria remains the daughter of Count Luchino Nefaria as well as a woman with romantic ties to Tony Stark.

As in the regular Marvel Universe, Giuletta Nefaria is given into the care of industrialist Bryon Frost, a wealthy business man whose business is tied to the Maggia, to be raised as his daughter in order to protect Giuletta and to keep her from being used as a tool against her father by both enemies inside and outside the Maggia. Unlike the regular Marvel Universe however Giuletta Nefaria is aware that she is the daughter of Nefaria.

Given the new identity of “Whitney Frost”, she grows up in the eyes of the outside world as the actual daughter of Bryon Frost and eventually succeeds Frost as the head of Frost Industries Unlimited upon his death as his legal heir. It is at this time that Whitney Frost embraces her true heritage as the daughter of Count Nefaria allowing Frost Industries Unlimited to fully become a secret Maggia own corporation providing the Nefaria Maggia Faction with most of the tech and weapons used in its criminal endeavors.

It was as the head of Frost Industries that Whitney in concert with her father and his more criminal methods, attempted to forge a business partnership with Stark Enterprises in the hopes of gaining it as another legitimate business entity that would be able to provide the Nefaria Faction with needed resources to further their criminal goals. Frost also became romantically involved with Tony Stark in an attempt to further gain his trust to achieve her goals of control of Stark Enterprises. Frost and Stark’s attempted business as well as personal relationships ended when Whitney revealed to Stark that she was in fact the daughter of Count Nefaria after her father was left in a comatose state due to donning a power armor suit to challenge Iron Man and he lost the confrontation between the two. This results in Whitney Frost adopting the costumed identity of Madame Masque to continue her father’s goal of bringing Stark Enterprises under the Maggia’s control without the general public knowing of Whitney Frost’s connections to the Maggia.

Even after her father eventually awakened from his comatose state, she has continued to pursue the goal of acquiring Stark Enterprises and seeking revenge upon Iron Man for the humiliation she views he has placed upon her family’s criminal reputation with his opposition to their plans and the defeats they have so far suffered at his hands. Madame Masque is now the overseer of the Nefaria Factions various interest on the Eastern Coast of the United States while her father currently attempts a takeover of the West Coast criminal underworld in his efforts to expand the Nefaria Faction's power base.

As Madame Masque, Giuletta Nefaria is a skilled hand to hand combatant, acrobat, gymnast, firearms and explosives expert. She also has shown a mastery of disguise and mimicry of other woman.  All of theses skills were learned and honed over the years she spent living her cover life of Whitney Frost.


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